Bye Bye Bar Fly keeps flies out of liquor bottles

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Bar, Nightclub, Banquet, Restaurant Owners and Managers,

We have the solution to nasty tiny black gnats, fruit flies and mayflies in your liquor bottles: Bye Bye Bar Fly Caps! Flexible vinyl caps keep bugs out of guests' drinks. Safe, effective, inexpensive, and reusable.

Oh -- and wineries, people who love fine wine, beer drinkers, even designated drinkers of the water bottle variety --- we've got you covered with NEW (12/14) BIGGIES! See our What's New Page for more info. Cheers!

Are bugs on your menu? They’re not, nor should they be! Stop those pesky flies from getting into your profits, with Bye-Bye Bar-Fly!

It's inevitable...those swarms of flies that aggravate many bar and restaurant owners (and their patrons). Every bar has them, and it is NOT your fault. However, there IS something humane and safe that YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

If your bartender has ever poured a drink and a dead fly plopped into the glass, you know how embarrassing it can be. We all know that it’s not a pretty thing to see, think about, or experience, but unfortunately it happens. What’s a bar owner to do?

INTRODUCING Bye-Bye Bar-Fly replaceable bottle top sealers. These are soft vinyl caps, specially designed to fit the pour spouts on your liquor bottles and help you prevent pest problems. It’s safe, simple, discreet, economical, humane, and IT WORKS!

Beverage supplies you can trust ... that's Bye Bye Bar-Fly.

How much money have you poured down the drain because of flies in your booze?


How many dirty looks have you received from customers because of "floaters"?

Say “Goodbye” to those days,

and “Hello” to Bye-Bye Bar-Fly!
* * Safe, discreet, affordable solution * *

Bye-Bye, Bar Flies! Vinyl Caps will Stop You Thirsty Buggers

Safe, reusable caps fit on top of bottle spouts and keep flies out! No more complaints from patrons about flies in their drinks.



Let us introduce the solution to unwanted pests which cost you and your families money. Bye-Bye Bar-Fly replaceable caps save owners the time and expense of throwing away alcohol. Our company and products are driven by the needs of prominent businesses in the community. Be assured your investment into preventing any future losses will be minimal with our product. And you can trust us to deliver outstanding customer service and products.

Keep flies out of everyone’s drinks with Bye-Bye Bar-Fly Caps!

Stop pouring money down the drain -- purchase a bag of our caps today and you, too, will be saying “Bye Bye, Bar Fly!” Prevent those losses and protect your investment for $9.00 per bag of 25 reusable caps.

Sample sets available ($1)


Bye Bye Bar-Fly ensures you won’t have to deal with those pesky bugs getting into your pocketbook. Our products have been proven to be effective at keeping pests out of liquor bottles.

Thank you for choosing the OG !!

Vinyl Caps

Pull Tab Caps available!

Due to popular demand, we also sell

E-Z Pull Tab caps

which are slightly narrower than our usual standard caps, with short pull-tabs on them for easier use. THESE FIT the Posi pourers and measured pour spouts to a "T"!

Short (1/4" plus 1/2" tab) and Long (3/4" plus 1/2" tab) 

We are so pleased to be able to offer these to you. Now all your spouts can be safely, securely covered.