Keep Flies Out of Liquor Bottles

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About Bye Bye Bar Fly pour spout caps

Keep your bottles safe!

Flies. Gnats. Insects. Bugs. Critters. Buggers. Pests. Whatever you want to call them, every bar has them. It doesn't mean your establishment is dirty. It just means that the flies are in love with your sweet, sweet liquor! (Heck, who wouldn't be?) But, does every bar have the solution to keeping them out of bottles - WITHOUT spending a fortune on those screened spouts and WITHOUT going through the cost of buying all new spouts? Use what has worked for companies in Upstate New York since 2004......Bye Bye Bar Fly!

Keep bugs off your menu.

Bye-Bye Bar-Fly Caps stop pesky bugs from getting into your valuable liquor bottles.

A must for those bars on the waterfront.



Bar and Restaurant Owners and Banquet Managers:

Are bugs on your menu?

They’re not — and they shouldn’t be! But those stinkers show up like uninvited guests, year after year to slurp up your profits. Read on to find out how Bye-Bye Bar-Fly keeps flies out of your liquor, ensuring you won’t have to deal with those pesky bugs getting into your booze bottles. Safe, reusable caps fit on top of bottle spouts and keep flies out! No more complaints from patrons about flies in their drinks! No sprays, no chemicals, just snug-fitting vinyl caps that mold over most existing pour spouts. It's true, even the cleanest places are not immune from the tiny flies who are attracted to your delicious liquor and stay to play. But sprays are hazardous, fly paper is nasty, shot cups don’t cover the spouts and those screen spouts clog and are quite expensive. HELP!

The ONE safe, durable, affordable, discreet solution for smart restaurant owners like yourself is Bye Bye Bar Fly.

If you care about your patrons (do the folks know what is really in their glasses?), your bartenders (embarrassed by a bottle of flies, again), and the future of your establishment (don’t let the Health Department catch you without it), then keep bugs off your menu by ordering today! Since 2004, bar, restaurant and nightclub managers and bartenders have thanked us for this product, telling us THESE THINGS WORK.



Have you ever poured a drink and a dead fly plopped into the glass? We all know it’s not a pretty thing to see — or think about — but happens. What’s a restaurant or bar owner to do? Introducing Bye-Bye Bar-Fly replaceable bottle top sealers. These pliable soft vinyl caps are specially designed to fit the pour spout openings on your liquor bottles, helping to discreetly prevent pest problems from happening. They are easily removable yet still hold tight when in place. Simply push the cap over the bottle top and the pests can’t get in. Gently pull the cap off when bottle is in use and push it back on before placing the bottle back on the shelf. SIMPLE! How much money have you poured down the drain because of flies in your booze? How many dirty looks have you received from patrons because of “floaters”? Those days are over now, thanks to Bye-Bye Bar-Fly! Easily and quickly keep flies out.



Stop pouring "money” down the drain because of flies in the booze.

Save your money, keep your guests safe, and protect your investment with Bye-Bye Bar-Fly.

Bye Bye Bar Fly Caps prevent bugs from getting into your valuable liquor bottles—and your profits.

Safe, reusable caps fit on EXISTING spouts and keep flies out.

Quick & easy to remove when it’s time to pour.

Only $9 for each set of 25 (plus shipping).



Some of our most frequently asked questions:


Bye-Bye Bar-Fly are reusable vinyl caps (1” tall, 1/2” wide) that you put directly on top of your existing liquor bottle spouts to block the opening of the spouts and keep flies out. No need to buy new spouts! (As an added bonus, if your bartender tips a bottle over, the liquor won’t spill while the cap is on, so no more lost liquor!)


Simply push the cap over the bottle top and the flies can’t get in. Gently pull the cap off when the bottle is in use and push it back on before placing the bottle back on the shelf. Our caps are snug-fitting to most liquor bottle spouts yet are easily removable when it’s time to pour.


A set of 25 caps is nine dollars ($9.00).


You'll save the time and money of throwing away costly alcohol. For health and sanitary reasons. Think about your customers really want gross bugs in their drinks? Would you rather drink from a bottle that has been left open for bugs to get in, or a bottle that has been securely capped with Bye-Bye Bar-Fly?They are a smarter choice than any other method! Did you know that flies can still crawl under those plastic shot glasses and into your spouts? Did you know golf tees can chip, causing particles to enter the drinks? And those screened spouts are so darn expensive and can clog! Instead of wasting your time and money on ineffective “deterrents”, use something that has been PROVEN to work: Bye-Bye Bar-Fly.


Exclusive social clubs, a popular theater, small curbside bars, busy nightclubs … many wise business owners speak the praises of Bye-Bye Bar-Fly and are repeat customers! Testimonials are available for future customers, and are welcome from current users.




Bye-Bye Bar-Fly replaceable bottle top sealers are soft vinyl caps, specially designed to fit the pour spouts on your liquor bottles, that discreetly help you prevent pest problems. Bye-Bye Bar-Fly Caps have proven to be effective at keeping pests out of liquor bottles.

Securely packaged and discreetly shipped, comes in a resealable pouch, mailed USPS within three days of receiving payment.


We believe in quality customer service and products, designed for the health and safety of all generations.

Please do not drink and drive.



We appreciate your business and encourage you to spread the word to others in the field.

Thank you and have a wonderful fly-free day!


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NEW (12/2014): We also feature BIGGIES caps for wine/beer bottles. 6 caps in a package for $7.