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Look what's new with Swoongie's Bye Bye Bar Fly Vinyl Caps!

We're so excited abot this new product!   We have a new type of cap available....


Like to drink wine?  Beer?  Water?  You'll love our new product ... Biggies!

Larger than the regular pour spout caps, these Biggie ones cover the regular 750ml wine bottle necks, as well as common beer and water bottles.  Talk about a handy universal cap!  We've even added a flange to the top edge, which makes for an easier on-and-off experience. 

No spills, no dust, no coughs/sneezes/germs, no flies! Great for outdoor parties. Keep your drinks in your bottle until YOU get to drink them ;) 

For those who like those decorative and expensive Wine Stoppers, think again.  Our Biggies surround the OUTSIDE of your bottles, whereas the other stoppers are inserted INSIDE the neck of your bottle, where the wine comes out!  With a low profile, wine bottles topped with our Biggies fit in your refrigerator better than the ones with those tall competitors' stoppers.  And, no pieces of cork in your bottle for all of you who just like to stick the cork back in the neck (how about using one of these reusable caps instead?). 

LIKE TO ATTEND OUTDOOR (and indoor) CONCERTS AND SPORTING EVENTS WHERE THEY TAKE THE CAP OFF YOUR BOTTLE?  Bring a Biggie with you. Universal fit.  And you won't have to worry about spills if someone gets excited about that song or goal and knocks into you! 

Proudly made in the USA. 

Sold in packages of 6 for $7, with specials frequently available.  Make sure to buy some for that wine-lover on your gift list!  Or if you like beer instead -- get a six pack to cover your six pack!  Samples available (see the Shopping page).


Item added December 2014

Wineries - contact us for a special wholesale quote if you'd like to sell these at your location.